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Our mediation service can help you sort out your family problems before, during or after the breakdown of your marriage or relationship. Our mediator, Tony Wood, is fully accredited to carry out mediation both privately and under the public funding scheme. He can assist you by allowing you to resolve your differences and avoiding time consuming, stressful and costly court cases.

Those problems may relate to your children such as where they should live and how much contact they should have with each parent. It could be related to your finances following seperation such as who should keep the home or what should happen to the proceeds of sale. The divorce itself may need resolving and perhaps even maintenance for yourself or the children.

Mediation encourages positive discussion between you both in the presence of the mediator and allows you to keep open communication at a difficult time.

Our mediator along with his mediation assistant Sue Thompson will help you arrange the mediation so please contact us on:

01254 295555 for further details or to arrange an appointment. For more information on Family Mediation, take a look at Red Rose Mediation.